UF Metastatic Cancer Program Self-Assessment Tool

Welcome to the UF Metastatic Cancer Program’s self-assessment tool, the first step in determining if our program is right for you.

The UF Metastatic Cancer Program treats oligometastases, or cancer that has spread to multiple locations with a limited number of lesions. When you first learn that your cancer has metastasized, be sure to ask your doctor these three questions:

  1. How many lesions are there?
  2. Are there any that are more life threatening than others?
  3. Aside from chemotherapy, what other options do I have?

Metastatic cancer is best treated when discovered at an early stage. Please remember that every patient’s case is different and not everyone is a candidate for treatment in this program.

Take a moment to answer our interactive questionnaire to help determine if you are a candidate for the program. It’s the first step in discovering your treatment possibilities.