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One of the great benefits of receiving cancer care at an academic health center like UF Health is unique patient access to the most advanced medical research, treatments and technologies.

Our clinician-scientists participate in research that has a direct impact on improved patient outcomes, and allows patients access to the very latest cancer-fighting technologies and drugs.

Activities and programs are acutely focused on early-stage translational research that applies findings to clinical trials, resulting in improved patient care. Our leadership works with lab-based faculty to develop new ideas and collaborate on innovative cancer treatments and therapies.

The research priorities of the Cancer Center cut across and align with our research programs:


Florida Academic Cancer Center Alliance

The UF Health Cancer Center is a proud member of FACCA, an alliance that encourages and promotes collaborative research conducted by researchers at its partnering institutes, Moffitt Cancer Center, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and the UF Health Cancer Center.


Research Programs

We are committed to interdisciplinary basic discovery and translational research, and the pursuit of scientific endeavors that have near-term clinical applications.



Shared Resources

Providing University of Florida cancer scientists with state of the art technology, coupled with scientific expertise to foster and facilitate outstanding cancer research, is one mission of the UF Health Cancer Center.

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Clinical Research Office

The mission of the Clinical Research Office (CRO) is to help deliver new and promising cancer treatments in order to improve the lives of the patients at the UF Health Cancer Center.