Shared Resources

Providing University of Florida cancer scientists with state of the art technology, coupled with scientific expertise to foster and facilitate outstanding cancer research, is one mission of the UF Health Cancer Center.

If you are interested in using UFHCC-supported shared resources, are not currently a member of a program, and are engaged in cancer-relevant research at the University of Florida, please visit the Cancer Center Membership page.

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UFHCC Developing Shared Resources

eHealth Program, Gene Editing / CRISPR Core and Drug Screening Core

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Other UF Health Cancer Center-Supported Shared Resources

GMP Facility

CTSI Quality Assurance Services was set up in 2009 and specializes in providing Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Quality Assurance services to investigators.

Strategic planning

OneFlorida+ Clinical Research Network & OneFlorida+ Cancer Control Alliance

A collaborative vision for building statewide health research capacity and opportunities.


Structure-Based Drug Design Core Lab

Specializing in three primary task areas: 1) X-Ray Crystallography, 2) Lead Discovery, and 3) Lead Optimization


TRC Human shRNA Library

The TRC Human shRNA Library is available to supply Lentiviral Human shRNA clones to UF Health Cancer Center researchers.