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UF Health Cancer Center membership is available and encouraged for all University of Florida investigators who hold a faculty appointment and are actively engaged in, or demonstrate interest in, cancer-focused basic, clinical, translational or population-based research in alignment with the UF Health Cancer Center’s mission and strategic plan.

Dr. Siemann presents at the teacher conference Eligibility is based on the applicant’s current level of cancer-focused research and affiliation with UF Health Cancer Center. Research activities of the center are organized into defined programmatic areas. Current UF Health Cancer Center research programs are Cancer Control and Population Sciences (CCPS), Cancer Targeting and Therapeutics (CTT), Immuno-Oncology and Microbiome (IOM), and Mechanisms of Oncogenesis (MOO).

Cancer Center administration will maintain membership information and facilitate recruitment of new members. The Cancer Center Leadership Committee, consisting of the Director and Associate Directors, will review and assign membership category, make membership assignments to research programs, and update the membership roster periodically. Faculty can apply for membership throughout the year and applications will be reviewed regularly. The Director is responsible for final decisions for membership.

Benefits of Membership

Benefits for members are based on the current membership level assignment, which can be found on the UFHCC Membership Policy. Based on research interests, all UF Health Cancer Center members are encouraged to actively participate in one of four research programs: Cancer Control and Population Sciences (CCPS), Cancer Targeting and Therapeutics (CTT), Immuno-Oncology and Microbiome (IOM), and Mechanisms of Oncogenesis (MOO). All UF Health Cancer Center members are invited to participate in regularly scheduled UF Health Cancer Center scientific seminars, retreats and symposia. Each program conducts monthly research meetings and all members are encouraged to attend and participate in efforts of the Program Leadership to stimulate collaboration among program members and between the different programs.

  • Access to UF Health Cancer Center program meetings
  • Access to UF Health Cancer Center Research Pilot programs
    • UF Health Cancer Center twice annual traditional pilot program
    • UF Health Cancer Center Special Call Announcements
  • Access to UF Health Cancer Center Research Program Pilot program
  • Access to UF Health Cancer Center Bridge Award program
  • Access to Florida Consortium of National Cancer Institute (NCI) Centers Program funding opportunities
  • Participation with disease site-specific clinical practice and research teams
  • Clinical trials management services
  • Collaborative funding opportunities
  • LOI, grant and publication support
  • Scientific Enrichment and Scholastic opportunities::
    • UF Health Cancer Center Oncology Grand Rounds
    • “Topics in Cancer” basic science lecture series
    • General membership retreats and symposia
  • Community engagement opportunities

Responsibilities of Membership

Members of the UF Health Cancer Center are expected to actively participate in cancer-focused research and collaborate with other Cancer Center members. Responsibilities of membership include the following:

  • Participation in Cancer Center leadership opportunities:
    • Service on committees
    • Scientific leadership for shared resources
    • Clinical trial participation
    • Research program engagement and working group involvement
  • Annually submit an updated NIH Biosketch
  • Acknowledge membership in UF Health Cancer Center, the use of center space, Shared Resources, and other assistance as appropriate, in research publications
  • Participation in symposia, seminars and presentation of original science
  • Commitment to interdisciplinary research efforts
    • Co-authoring with UF Health Cancer Center colleagues in peer-reviewed publications and grant applications, where applicable
  • Allocation of the Center portion of the indirect cost returns to the Cancer Center;
  • Provision of copies of cancer related grant/contract applications to facilitate Center planning for research programs and interdisciplinary initiatives
  • Provision of periodic updates of publications, research support, and other information that may be needed to fulfill requirements for NCI reporting requirements
  • Submission of all clinical research protocols through the UF Health Cancer Center Clinical Research Office and for review by the SRMC (Scientific Review and Monitoring Committee) and DISC (Data Integrity & Safety Committee)
  • Participation in Research Program meetings and retreats
  • Service on Cancer Center committees
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