Flow Cytometry & Confocal Microscopy


To provide UF Health Cancer Center members with cost-effective, state-of-the-art flow cytometry and modern confocal microscopy expertise, instrumentation, and services to support their research activities.

Flow Cytometry

The Flow Cytometry and Confocal Microscopy Shared Resource (CYT-SR) resides within the Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research and provides UFHCC researchers with 24/7 easy access to cost-effective, comprehensive cell analytical and sorting services and confocal microscopy.

Capabilities within the CYT-SR include isolation of rare immunological and tumor cell populations for downstream analysis and characterization utilizing single-cell genomic analysis in collaboration with the Next-Generation Sequencing Shared Resource and the UFHCC Biostatistics and Computational Biology Shared Resource.

CYT-SR services are provided at two sites in close proximity, with the major laboratory of 1400 sq. ft in the Cancer and Genetics Research Complex (CGRC) and an additional 1000 sq. ft of space at the McKnight Brain Institute (MBI) that includes the Cell and Tissue Analysis Core (CTAC). CYT-SR facilities are equipped to satisfy different experimental needs, from simpler devices (2 FACS Calibur instruments, Canto II, Sony SH800 and 2 Accuri-C6) to high-end 5-laser, 16-parameter instruments to analyze (LSR-II and LSR Fortessa cytometers) or sort cells (3 Aria-II/III sorters).

In addition, CYT-SR offers a laser scanning confocal microscope Leica ST5 with a variety of excitation lines and ability to collect up to 4 emission colors with live-cell time-lapse and extensive computed parameter capabilities, including FRET, FRAP, image stitching, and 3D reconstruction. The CYT-SR also offers access to the Sony SP6800 Spectral Analyzer to enhance signal detection and multicolor analysis of heterogeneous cell populations and complex samples, and a NanoSight300 Microparticle Analyzer.

Shared Resource Aims

Flow Cytometry
  • Provide ready access to cost effective, state-of-the-art flow cytometric analyses and sorting, live cell confocal microscopy services, and training and certification in self-use of flow and confocal microscopy instruments.
  • Provide consultation on experimental design, assistance with data interpretation, and support for scientific publications and research grant applications
  • Identify and evaluate new instrumentation and ensure alignment of instrument capabilities with Cancer Center user needs based on end-user feedback, membership surveys, and recommendations from the CYT-SR Scientific Advisory Group.


Flow Cytometry
  • Multi-parameter flow cytometry
  • Live cell analysis and sorting of desired cell populations from blood and tissues
  • Confocal microscopy with live cell imaging
  • Microparticle analysis
  • Instrument training, courses and workshops
  • Expert consultations in experiment design and preparation of research grant applications

CYT-SR business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday with after-hours access controlled by badge readers for certified self-users. Instruments require user log in with secure UF GATORLink credentials. Technical assistance is available during normal daily operating hours. Reservations, instrument usage time and technician-assisted activities are tracked and charged back in Agilent CrossLab web portal. When multiple investigators request to use the services during peak periods, Cancer Center members with peer-review funding will get priority access to services, followed by Center members with pilot project funding and those submitting applications for peer-review funding, followed by unfunded members. CYT-SR always seeks to accommodate users through dedicated walk-up access and certified self-use as necessary.



Mariza Miranda PhD


Mariza Miranda, Ph.D., named scientific director of ICBR Cytometry

Mariza Miranda, Ph.D., has been named scientific director of ICBR’s Cytometry core. She has a master's degree and Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences, with more than 12 years of experience working as a researcher to develop multidisciplinary projects.

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