Working Groups

Our four research programs have organized the following working groups aligned with program-specific aims. The research program leaders work closely with the working group leaders to provide support for basic scientists and clinical investigators. The objective of these groups is to provide a platform for investigators to interact, disseminate ideas, create new collaborations and strengthen ongoing interactions, with the goal of increasing submissions of multi-PI grant applications. The working groups include research program members as well as postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and research faculty from across UF.

Breast Cancer Working Group

The mission of the Breast Cancer Working Group is to create a unique group for collaborations between the University of Florida and University of Florida – Jacksonville faculty, co-PI grant applications, and networking for planning future collaborations based on different areas of expertise.

Cancer and Aging Working Group

The mission of the Cancer and Aging Working Group is to accelerate understanding of biology, treatment and survivorship issues that face older patients with cancer, and personalize strategies to optimize outcomes.


Cancer AI Working Group

The mission of the Cancer AI Working Group is to develop collaborative research, expertise and network capacity in artificial intelligence (AI) at the UF Health Cancer Center.

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Cardio-Oncology Working Group

The mission of the Cardio-Oncology Working Group is to create a unique multidisciplinary group to foster a collaborative environment between researchers and clinicians who are interested in the field of cardio-oncology (cardiotoxicity of anticancer therapies) to improve the outcomes of cancer patients. The objectives of this working group are to advance cardio-oncology through basic and translational research and to foster early-career investigators.

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Lung Cancer Research Working Group

The mission of the Lung Cancer Research Working Group is to bring together basic, translational and clinical researchers to strengthen lung cancer research with the goal of reducing this major cancer burden in our catchment area and beyond.

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Microbiome Working Group

The Microbiome Working Group discusses exciting news within the microbiome — such as new breakthroughs or high impact publications — while fostering collaborations.

Pediatric Cancer Immunotherapy Working Group

The mission of the Pediatric Cancer Immunotherapy Working Group is to promote career development of physician-scientists and develop new investigator-initiated immunotherapies while bolstering the submission/securement of pediatric immunotherapy focused program project grants and core resources within veterinary comparative oncology and bioengineering.


Tobacco Control Working Group

The UF Health Cancer Center Tobacco Control Working Group brings together public health, translational and clinical researchers with the common goal of investigating ways to reduce and ultimately eliminate tobacco-related morbidity and mortality.

Virology Working Group

The mission of the Virology Working Group is to strengthen the interactions between Cancer Center investigators who work in virology and other virologists.

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