Research Programs

The overarching goal of the UF Health Cancer Center is to improve cancer outcomes. We will accomplish this by promoting research in understudied areas, developing and conducting interventional clinical trials to address the most prevalent cancers in our area, and by improving our understanding of the determinants of cancer outcomes. The center also has specific programs focused on rural, underserved and older adult patients. We are committed to interdisciplinary basic discovery and translational research and the pursuit of scientific endeavors that have near-term clinical applications. The research priorities of the Cancer Center cut across and align with our four research programs:

Research Program

Cancer Control and Population Sciences

The mission of this program is to reduce the cancer-related burden within the Cancer Center catchment area by conducting research to improve cancer prevention, treatment, symptom management and palliative care.

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Research Program

Cancer Targeting and Therapeutics

This program's mission is to accelerate discovery, development and clinical translation of targeted small molecule and biotherapies.

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Research Program

Immuno-Oncology and Microbiome

This program's mission is to improve cancer outcomes through innovative therapeutic research on microbiome-immunotherapy interactions influencing epithelial and immune cell function, engaging clinicians and basic scientists to partner on innovative investigator-initiated trials.

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Research Program

Mechanisms of Oncogenesis

This program has a mission to identify and understand cellular pathways that are dysregulated during neoplastic transformation and to develop methodologies to target these cancer-specific signaling events.

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