Internships & Student Opportunities

Post-Graduate Programs

Clinical Research Office

Clinical Research Internship

This is a year-long, full-time program ideal for new graduates with an interest in exploring and establishing a career in clinical research, healthcare, public health, or similar professions. Participants will work closely with physicians, investigators, study staff, and other partners throughout UF Health and the UF Health Cancer Center, gaining exposure to the clinical research process and valuable experience to take with them to future graduate or professional degree programs in preparation for their future careers.

Pre-Graduate Programs

Clinical Research Office

Student Clinical Internship

This opportunity is available to active UF undergraduate and graduate students eligible for student employment. Federal Work Study eligible students are encouraged to participate and will be able to use their FWS awards as participants in this program. Our Student Clinical Internship allows students interested in future careers in medicine, research, or other related fields to work alongside our study coordinators with clinical data capture, data entry, and lab support to gain valuable experience while enriching their educational careers prior to graduation.

Office of Human Resources

Undergraduate Internship

This is a for-credit educational opportunity available for students of the University of Florida Heavener School of Business (or other business programs at Santa Fe College and other institutions) with a requirement to complete GEB4941 in order to graduate. Selected students will be provided with a comprehensive educational experience in a complex organization and learning the practice of HR under the guidance and mentorship of experienced HR professionals.

Student Employment Opportunities

Office of the Director

Part-Time Receptionist

This part-time position is available to active undergraduate and graduate students who are eligible for campus employment. While the role is administrative and serves as the primary receptionist for the Cancer Center, it also affords a level of exposure and experience in a complex academic research environment, which is valuable experience for any career post-graduation.