Organization & Structure

Office of the Director

The Office of the Director is comprised of three individual units supporting the strategic mission of the Cancer Center. These include Executive Administrative Services, Development, and Strategic Initiative Administration. Under the leadership of the Associate Director for Administration, Dr. Robert Houlihan, these are led by Kinsie Anderson (Executive Administrative Services), Dan Hoffman (Development), and Amber Gay (Strategic Initiative Administration).

Office of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for supporting the strategic mission of the UF Health Cancer Center by providing resources, programs, and strategic HR direction and support while shaping and refining the identity of the Cancer Center as an organization. Under the direction of the HR Manager, Byron McCoy, and in close partnership with executive leadership, the Office is instrumental in ensuring the continuity of the Cancer Center as a leader in the oncology research community and an institution of the University of Florida, overseeing HR management and strategy, organizational development, talent management, learning and development, and total rewards management under the umbrella of Administration.

Clinical Research Office

The Clinical Research Office is divided into four major divisions supporting the critical clinical research being conducted by Cancer Center members and partners. These include Study Coordination & Data Management (SCDM), Regulatory Affairs & Compliance (RAC), Clinical Research Administration & Finance (CRAF), and Project Management & Network Operations (PMNO). Each division is led by an Assistant Director under the leadership of the Administrative Director, Alison Ivey, and joint guidance of Drs. Robert Houlihan and Thom George. Those include Leslie Pettiford (SCDM), Ashley Anderson (RAC), Brian Kuhlmann (CRAF), and Dr. Erin Monari (PMNO).

Office of Research Administration

The Office of Research Administration is tasked with operational management and oversight of the Center’s basic and translational research projects and contracts, overseeing its collaborative research programs, facilitating its scientific working groups, management of the Center’s membership, the Cancer Education & Training Program, as well as the business intelligence and data core supporting our research operations. In close partnership with executive leadership and under the direction of its Administrative Director, Eric Miller, the Office is a critical part of Administration and is responsible for oversight and management of the UF Health Cancer Center’s Cancer Center Support Grant applications and National Cancer Institute reporting responsibilities.

Office of Business Operations

The Office of Business Operations is responsible for the management and stewardship of the Cancer Center’s financial and facilities resources in support of the ongoing research and clinical work being conducted by our membership. The Administrative Director, Joshua Shaffer, and his management team liaise with critical partners throughout the University of Florida, UF Health, and beyond to ensure the business functions of the Center are fulfilled, provided for, and expertly managed. These managers include Holly O’Ferrell (Finance) and Greg Tyler (Facilities).

Office of Marketing & Communications

The Office of Marketing & Communications serves patients and the public in sharing information about UF Health cancer care and research, and is the point of first contact for media representatives seeking expert sources for cancer-related topics. The Office is also responsible for strategic communications and marketing planning, internal communications and community outreach activities. The separate Divisions, Marketing and Communications, are led by Sean Garrity (Marketing) and Marilee Griffin (Communications), in close collaboration with the marketing and communications teams at UF Health as well as the executive and senior leadership of the UF Health Cancer Center.