Biostatistics & Bioinformatics for Cancer Research 101 Course

Promoting Rigor and a Reproducible Statistical and Bioinformatics Approach for Your Research

Understanding biostatistics and computational biology is paramount for cancer research. BIOSTATISTICS AND BIOINFORMATICS FOR CANCER RESEARCH 101, B2CR 101, for cancer researchers at the University of Florida Health Cancer Center is a diverse program presented in a 12-part lecture series.  The lectures introduce the basic principles of statistics, bioinformatics and computational biology including AI and are intended for those who are in the process of learning biostatistical and bioinformatics applications or for those who desire a refresher course.

The goal of this class is to introduce the basic statistical and computational biology concepts and methods for cancer research, and promote rigor and a reproducible statistical approach for research.

Download the Syllabus here.

Course Overview and Registration

Types of data, descriptive statistics, estimation, hypothesis testing, correlation/regression, survival analysis, sample size calculation/power analysis, and introduction to Bioinformatics and AI will be taught in this course series.  Some classes will introduce basic theory and application of computing as a tool. Over the course, reproducibility and replicability of scientific research will be emphasized considerably.

Course Instructor

The lectures will be presented by the Faculty and Staff of the Division of Quantitative Sciences.


Every Wednesday from September 8 – December 1, 2021 | 2 – 3 p.m.

Due to the Delta variant of COVID-19, this course will now be entirely virtual for this semester. 

These lectures will not be recorded.

Intended Audience

Clinicians, fellows, cancer researchers, and students looking for an introduction to or refresher on basic biostatistical principles.


Registration is now closed.


Madison Madore
Administrative Assistant